Outdoor experiences – stable rugs from Kingsland
Test done by EHorses readers.

A total of 4 product-testers put the outdoor and stable rugs from Kingsland through the ringer for you. As usual the stable rugs from Kingsland impress with a very classy and functional design. Are you still in the need of a new rug for your horse? Have a look and check whether these Kingsland products are for you.

My experience after two weeks.
The first 2 weeks of the test phase are over, and this is our impression so far. When we unpacked the stable rug, we noticed a few positive things. The sturdy packaging allows you to store the rug safely and odourless in summer. Because even if the rugs are washed, a certain smell remains. The material felt super robust and sturdy when it was first unpacked. The buckles are of high quality and made of durable material. It is important to highlight the wipeable tail strap, because nothing is more unsanitary than a tail strap that is wet and full of faeces and mud. When it comes to the colour the rug is completely our “thing”. It is a simple, but elegant blue that suits every horse and looks good.

Another positive aspect is the possibility to attach a part for the neck. Especially when you, like us, have a horse that has been groomed, it is great to have the option to use the neck part for cold days. The buckles for the neck attachment are located on the outside of the rug, there is no issue that the buckles will rub against the fur.

When we tried out this product, we focused on two things, the outdoor rug should endure tear and water resistance. Our horses are outdoors in winter as well as in summer, including rain, storm and snow. These two weeks gave the rug quite a challenge with a lot of rain and it did not disappoint. It stood the test when it comes to wind and being water resistant. The outer lining is great, and can also stand a playful fight or two within the herd. We have in recent years, quite often, had problems with other rugs under similar circumstances, some which have ended up ripped or with torn holes.

 Our “test horse” Chicago`s Hope has always had a sensitive back, so the better the fit of the blanket, and here the inner lining of the blanket is made of a smooth material in which no hair or other dirt could get caught, the calmer the she will be. She is one of these horses that hangs between 2 blanket sizes (134-145 cm) so it would be a good idea if the rugs were offered in intermediate sizes, similar to what other large blanket brands do . The fit is perfect for a horse with a “safe” 145 length. For our mare the neckline is a bit wide even though she is not a narrow horse physically. Therefor the blanket slips back slightly and the neckline is slightly twisted inward after a long day in the paddock.
Even though it does not fit perfectly, it should be noted that the outdoor blanket does not leave any chaffing marks and leaves the horse with plenty of room to move. Even after romping and rolling the rug sits in the right place.

My conclusion after 8 weeks:
After a total of 8 weeks of testing we have a conclusion when it comes to Kingsland’s outdoor blanket. We are still very convinced regarding the quality and workmanship, and quite impressed. Regularly over the past few years we have repeatedly had high-priced rugs that were either leaking, or, after the first little wrangling in the paddock, made the overall quality and feel suffer.  This is very annoying and cost-intensive in the long run, but everything seems different with this blanket. Even after several weeks it resists all the northern German rain, and there is a lot of that up here on the Baltic Sea. Chicago’s Hope did not give the impression of being uncomfortable or too cold under the blanket. Not even during the biggest storms and brief cold spells. Another typical weak point on a horse rug are the buckles and closures. In this case there was no problem at all. Everything is rock solid and cannot be opened or broken by any horse’s nose. All in all, the outdoor blanket proves its high quality, particularly when it comes to the material and thoughtful design.

The only problem for us, as already mentioned in the first review, is the fit of the blanket. “Chicago`s Hope is more of a small warmblood who, despite this, is quite compact. Nevertheless, the blanket no longer fits perfectly after a while. The somewhat wide neckline causes the blanket to slide significantly backwards after a few weeks of use. Perhaps a model with a high neck would be helpful. Unfortunately, the increased slippage now caused slight chafing on the neck or chest area after about 6 weeks. However, these were caused by rubbing the breast buckles on the fur and not by the blanket itself, which is still noticeable.

Should the fit be revised or changed a bit, the Kingsland outdoor blanket would definitely be something for all of our ponies. With her predominantly positive characteristics, especially regarding tensile strength and weather resistance, she clearly convinced us and our “Chicago`s Hope”.

Many thanks to ehorses and Kingsland for being able to test this stable rug.


We received the Kingsland Top Notch outdoor rug with 200g for testing.
Since my mare is not shorn, we could not test her at first.
For two weeks now, the temperatures have dropped so much that the Kingsland rug is used.
At first glance, the stable rug immediately makes a high-quality impression. She also survived the previous coupling corridors without damage and passed the first water test with flying colours.
We quickly had problems with broken hair on most of the other stable rugs due to rubbing our shoulders. This is not yet the case with this blanket.
For a high freedom of movement, pleats are attached to the shoulder.
I think it’s a shame that only a simple buckle is attached to the chest area and an expansion is only possible with a breast enhancer. We will probably still get this one.
On the other hand, it is a plus point that a neck part can easily be attached if required.
So far it can be said that this is a very high quality stable rug that also looks totally chic.
We are looking forward to the further test phase.


My name is Joya (Instagram: @dreamworks_mr_big), I am 27 years old and I got my first own horse – Dreamworks SB – 11 months ago! Since then I have been actively involved in equestrian sports – before that I was a leisure rider. I work as a mortgage broker in Munich.
Dreamworks – or what we call B ‘is a 5 year old gelding.

My experience after 2 weeks:
We have been using the Kingsland stable rug for two weeks now. Therefor we would like to give you a first impression.
During the test, I got Freeman my second horse – a professor!

So I was lucky enough to be able to test the blanket on two horses! 

For processing itself:
The blanket is – as you are used to from Kingsland – super processed and feels very high quality.
The seams worked perfectly, and the fabric makes a good impression – it shimmers so beautifully

About the fit:
B is a bit stronger – the stable rug sits pretty tight on the neck, but this can be fixed immediately with a ‘blanket extension’ on the front of the chest.
Otherwise it fits perfectly and adapts to the body.
At Freeman everything is perfect!

Fasteners, straps and tail straps:
At the front – the chest is closed with a strong Velcro fastener and two hooks. It sits rock solid.
There are two cross straps on the belly – at first I thought that three would be better – but the two are so well positioned that the rug does not slip with these two.
A small drawback is definitely the tail strap. This is made of fabric – here I would like a tail strap that can be unhooked on both sides and has a plastic cover – that would be significantly more valuable and easier to clean!

Conclusion: the blanket makes a great impression!
We are glad that we got this mega stable rug and honestly – how super chic does it look?! 
It has a 200g filling – which is perfect in the transition period.

Since our horses have paddock boxes, we are looking forward to the next few weeks.
It will, for example, be interesting to see how easy it will be to keep it clean!

My conclusion after 6 weeks:
We have been testing the Kingsland stable rug for 6 weeks now and it still looks like new.
In the meantime, we have washed them once – there were no problems here either. We are completely satisfied with the Kingsland stable rug. The fit is impeccable, and it does not slip. We have two differently built horses and we have nothing to complain about.

A tiny flaw, if the horses have a slightly wider chest, the rug sits a bit ‘tight’. The problem can be solved immediately with a ceiling-breast extension. Otherwise you could just go up one size.

Despite the size difference between the two horses, there are no problems with the rug’s length (both have RL 1.45 / 1.55). The blanket sits particularly well on the back, for both. The fasteners are like new even after repeated use, as are the waist belts. The waist belts can be easily adjusted depending on the horse. We only exchanged the tail strap for one with a rubber cover, as this is easier to clean.

The stable rug can be combined very well with other rugs, and so it can also be used perfectly on colder days. We use it, for example, as a liner under the winter blanket or under the rain blanket.

We often use a rain cover over the stable rug, especially since our two horses like to stay outside in their paddock boxes in the rain. The stable rug is not necessarily suitable for rain, but since it can be combined with other rugs as mentioned above, this is absolutely no problem. It can withstand a little water – but it is not recommended in the long run – but this is not a mandatory requirement for a stable rug. Otherwise the material is dirt-repellent and easy to clean. Straw, shavings and hay hardly stick to the rug.

Of particularly importance:

The horses have no chafing or other irritation from the rug and it does not slip. Both horses love to roll around and the stable rug has also passed this test.


My experience after 2 weeks

The Kingsland stable rug lies very well on the horse. The closures are solid and easy to use. I also find the simple design of the stable rug appealing. The blanket in size 145 corresponds to the dimensions and fits very well.
The smooth structure of the rug has the advantage that it can still be adjusted on the horse. In addition, there are no chafe marks on the horse.
I find the price-performance ratio for this Kingsland product very reasonable. Functional and beautiful, but nothing special or no frills.
The only negative was, when I put a rug (from Horsewear) underneath, which was also very smooth in structure, the rug felt a bit loose, and they did not ideally lie on top of each other.

Summing up;

The test results sound promising. Our testers are also impressed with the functionality and the great design of the Kingsland outdoor, and stable rugs. Did the feedback convince you? Have a look at Kingsland and “stock up” for the winter.

You can read the full test in German here

THANK YOU, eHorses for having this test!