The clothing industry is about to shift from fast fashion to slow fashion. What is Kingsland doing regarding this, and what can YOU do to contribute?

 We can clean the earth for plastic, and at the same time make quality and fashionable clothing that do not compromise on how consumers look. Kingsland Earth was created based on our love for animals, nature and the environment. All materials used are carefully selected based on their sustainable properties without compromising the Kingsland quality. Kingsland Equestrian is looking further into ways of making sustainable clothing. 

Technology has made it possible to spin clean, strong threads from plastic bottles (polyester) and from old and wrecked fishing nets (nylon). The materials used for the Earth collection are recycled polyester and organic cotton. It is also important to mention that the Kingsland Earth collection use, among other things, recycled zippers, thread, down and patches.  Labelling and packaging are also recycled. We are also happy to inform everyone that from now, autumn 2020, on we will be using degradable polybags.

In the 2020 Summer Earth collection, KL Navy is mixed with soft colours like Green Laurel Wreath and Light Grey. A colourful applique makes all the products stand out in the crowd. For the very first time, we have included a riding tights with full grip which is made of 100% recycled polyester. 
Kingsland as a company are doing our very best in order to proceed with the challenge of making sustainable choices, but there are a few things that you easily can do too.

We present you with 7 sustainable steps you can take at home:

1.Quality over quantity

Only buy items that you know are going to work for you all-year-round and spend the extra money on quality items that you know will stand the test of time. Also, make sure that, when it comes to colours, buy neutrals like navy, black and white as they are timeless.

2.How to take care of garments

Wash your clothes less and avoid the tumble drier as much as possible. Our top tip on becoming a more sustainable consumer is to wash your clothes less. You can significantly reduce your impact by just washing your clothes occasionally rather than after every use and wear and be careful to hang them up and expose them to large amounts of fresh air. Wash your clothes at 30 degrees (it is reported to reduce energy usage by up to 40% compared to the standard 40-degree wash) and, as specified above, dry them naturally to further save energy. All Kingsland`s products should be washed on 30 degrees in order to keep the garment fresh and to keep the quality of the garment.


Plan a night out of it with your friends. Bring clothes, food, something to drink and listen to good music. Swap! As you know, someone’s trash is another’s treasure. Maybe you and your friends end up with some “new” and beloved products.


Give your old clothes a chance to shine again by repairing them. If you are not able to do the job yourself, ask a friend, find a tailor that can help you with your garments or a shoemaker to repair your shoes and specific leather goods.

5.Remake/ re-design

Alter your old pieces and fall in love with your old clothes once more. You could also dress the garment up with some embroidery, patches and “bling” that you can either sew or glue on.

6.Always carry a tote bag

Use a mesh net that can easily be folded into almost nothing and stored inside a handbag. By using your own bag during a shopping trip, it means you’re automatically cutting plastic bags out of your life.

7.Recycle, always

Clean out your wardrobe occasionally. There are always items that doesn`t fit or that you haven`t used for a long time. If it doesn’t fit, or you simply haven’t worn the item in more than a year, despite trying it on several times, add it to the pile to go to charity, swapping or recycling.