During Sundays in December, the Kingsland Santa will show up and surprise some special fans that we care about!

Today we had the pleasure of visiting Hjørgunn Gård, an equine therapy treatment center based in Fredrikstad, Norway, just a 10 minutes drive from our Head office. Hjørgunn Gård is an ideal nonprofit (NGO) treatment center focusing on rehabilitation and therapy with horses, solely based on volunteers (except a few employees).

Kingsland Santa surprised the 40 volonteers that are doing an amazing work for Hjørgunn Gård, and showed up with some snacks for horses and humans, headbands from our Earth Collection, feeding bags for the horses and fleeceblankets so that visitors and volonteers can stay warm while waiting❄️

Every week over 300 riders are involved and treated through specific, personal programs at Hjørgunn Gård. The purpose is to help people with special needs, both somatic and psychiatric.

Therapy riding is Hjørgunn’s primary activity, but they also run school programs, home detention correctional service, mental health programs for young teenagers, kindergarten visits and much more!

Wishing Hjørgunn Gård a happy and peaceful Christmas, and we hope to see you soon again🐴❤️  

We encourage all Kingsland fans to check out similar local nonprofit equine therapy centers where you live, maybe you can help or support them in one way or another? 

Check out  the Hjørgunn Gård site here to see and read more about their great work! https://www.hjorgunn.no/ (Site is in Norwegian)