Hours of training and preparations accumulate when hearing the start bell in the ring. It’s time to perform! Such a physically demanding task cannot allow details to be random. Nothing beats fashionable garments that gives you that feeling, displaying a classic elegance without compromising on the comfort. Neatly tailored with fantastic materials and beautiful details, the exclusive designs in the Kingsland summer collections this year, have concluded in a gorgeous selection of show shirts, breeches and show jackets., to mix & match with jackets and body warmers.

It’s all in the details when it comes to the show gear. The fabric used for the show jacket Pierlas (192-SJ-816) is mesh, being flexible and highly breathable under the hot summer sun. The beige roasted cashew coloured version of the Almansa show jacket (191-SJ-737) has been made on demand and gives you a perfect colour palette together with white, navy and this season Midnight blue and delicate light blue Kentucky.

The show shirts feel so gentle on the skin, working not only as a stylish top, but also as a functional heat and moisture transporter. They are all quick dry perfect for days at shows. Either you like a lot of bling with crystals or just that last touch either with laces, embroideries or a little twinkling stone, -this season we have it all!

The featured styles her are (Click on the names to read more in our webshop):

Fortuna Longsleeve Show Shirt for women & Caple Longsleeve Showshirt for men

Almansa Show Jacket

The Olivetta and the Triora Show Shirt will be available from end of May