As a part of the development of the “new Oslo”, the city council decided in year 2000 on a new theme for the downtown of the
capital. It would go from being a shoreline filled with industrial docks to a blooming and modern new city center filled with modern architecture and breathtaking views.

Through detailed planning of this new inner-city hub – the area developed and was given the name “Barcode”. Viewed from the Oslo fjord and entering the harbor, the lines of the buildings look like the silhouette of a barcode. Buildings are placed close together, but the architecture allows space and air in between the structures.

In front of the Barcode lies the famous, white Norwegian Opera building. It rises from the sea with sharp and clean edges, like a glacier. The Barcode area has already become a quarter filled with vibrant life through it´s different restaurants, bars and cafes
as well as cultural institutions and concept stores.

For the purposes of celebrating Kingsland’s 20th year anniversary we wanted to show the Summer 2019 Dressage Collection in the high contrast setting that Barcode truly displays. We connect the raw and ultra-modern architecture with our classical and timeless designs.