The journey from a humble beginning, selling the first pieces out of cardboard boxes at shows to be a multinational company selling products in close to 60 countries worldwide, has been a fairytale ride. Kingsland crosses a milestone in 2019 as we celebrate 20 years in the business. The road has been eventful, but with surprisingly few steep hills or deep valleys.

Maintaining our position in a demanding marked in gallop is at focus and we work hard on this every single day. Designing innovative styles, sourcing new fabrics, catching the trends, producing at a best possible price, -not compromising with working conditions or on animal welfare. Selling to the best retailers in the business either by our sales reps’ tremendous effort or on online platforms. Creating a desire and need for our products amongst our more than 250 000 followers on social media and through being present at important events globally.

Building a brand is not done overnight and can only be done by creating an awareness. We’ve been fortunate to be associated with some premium riders and grooms.

Thank you to all who has contributed to our success along the years, -we will continue the strive to give you a lot more to crave for in the years to come…

We are pround to present our first catalogue of 2019, find it at your local retailer. It includes interviews, tips and ideas for putting together your coolest outfits and ofcourse awesome pictures taken of our dear friends photographer Christian Torp/ Merrild Photography and Make Up artist Stefania d’Agostino has again helped us capture beauty, light, moments and action.

The riders featured in this catalogue is; Stefanie van den Brink, Michael Hughes, Leopold van Asten, Gregory Wathelet, Michael G. Duffy, Maria Louise Kingsrød, Dominic Webb and Alona Soloviova. Young girl is Ellen Reymert. We are grateful for everything you do for us!

Thank you and enjoy!

To see and read more from our catalogue, click → HERE