In the retail business, at least in the equestrian business, the summer collections starts to arrive the shops just as you may feel the need for heavy winter coats. That is just the way the industry works. Looking back at previous seasons, the general norm is that if you want to own the coolest styles and the must-haves, you need to get them as they arrive. Even if it´s a short sleeve t-shirt or a technical compression tights. It will just have to wait for warmer weather!

In just a few weeks, the shops will be full of new, fresh summer horse gear and riding wear. You can look forward to colours, such as beige and navy on one hand and on the other, shades of pink and light blue. Mix and match with your favourite pull on breeches or a new pair of compression tights. We can´t wait to see all the styles on riders and horses all over the world – we hope you will like it as much as we do!

2019 is a bit different to us, as we celebrate our 20th year anniversary. TWENTY YEARS! When Lin Kingsrød and Sølvi Ann Waldeland Aas founded Kingsland in 1999, technical training clothes for riders were not as accessible as it is today. Since then, and even before, new brands have emerged – giving riders all over the world the possibility to choose their own style and gear.

After 20 years, we give ourselves a big pat on the back, for staying true to our story and to our identity. Also, for constantly trying to develop styles that give you the best riding experience, with you and your horse in the center. You deserve nothing less than the absolute best materials and technical features. At the same time taking animal welfare and sustainable production into consideration.

We hope you will celebrate this year with us!

Watch out for Iconic Anniversary styles, fantastic colours and fabrics, innovative show jackets, stylish horse gear to match your favourite outfits – and much, much more.

We are also going to take a trip down memory lane and look at some old styles and photos (and have a good laugh!). We are planning some great giveaways on our social media platforms. We are attending the big shows as well as travelling to the most spectacular locations for photoshoots!

We started off this weekend with the Spoga Fair in Cologne where we met our agents, wholesalers and retailers.

Thank you for being friends of the Kingsland Family and for following us through these years – looking forward to the next 20!

Have a wonderful day!