I remember about 20 years ago, burgundy was the “IT”- colour for many equestrians. A colour that looks good on almost any horse.

I used to be a groom for a quite known dressage rider here in Norway back then, and she had burgundy on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! The halter, the bandages, the saddle pads, the rugs. Her winter coats, boots, whips, helmet and breeches. She even managed to find herself a burgundy lorry at one point! A bit over the top for some perhaps, but both she and her horses maintained their image.

Since then, burgundy was over the years replaced with navy, black, brown and grey as the preferred colours for most equestrians. But still, before making this Winter Update Collection, we felt the burgundy had been missed and needed to return to make another statement. You might already know that the burgundy is a part of Kingsland´s Core colours, so for us this is nothing new. The only thing that is new, is having it incorporated as a main colour and placed into an entire collection.

Although burgundy is a wide description, the exact shade of burgundy used in this collection has a little blue added to the mix and the result is known as the Port Royal according to the Pantone Colour Chart.

With the arrival of our Winter Update you will see that the burgundy, or Port Royal, truly has been unexploited for a long time. Mixed with black and grey pinstripe, you are guaranteed to look both stylish, classy and feminine. There are some fabulous styles like the long Maisie Jacket for riding. With this style you´ll keep your bum warm while off the horse but still being able to ride comfortably when you open the zippers on the sides. This way the “flaps” will lie over your thighs. Another accompanying style like this is the Malia skirt who does the same trick.

An absolute must-have for winter is the Mila Wool Rug. I have never seen such a beautiful colour combination. No further description needed!

Add the beautiful horse gear like the protection boots in a metallic grey, the saddle pads with matching fly hats (With wool on the inside to keep clipped ears warm!). You will also find the pull on´s that are still our hottest, bestselling breeches – only now we have added stylish debossed details around the waist. Finally you top the outfit off with the hats and headbands… And you are set to go and make your statement!

This photoshoot was shot at Marcel Marschalls stable. There we could really see that it was time for the resurrection of the burgundy, “Port Royal”, as the colours truly match the season ahead, with crisp air and frosted leaves. Especially when you look at the series of photos taken of Morgan Barbançon Mestre and the beautiful grey 6 year old mare we used as a model. Together they look absolutely stunning and the wonderful styles mixed with the horse gear is just the icing on the cake.


Love from Madeleine, Team Kingsland, Sales Norway.

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