Located as a vast 200-acre estate of pure, beautiful British countryside, The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club (RCBPC), stands out as one of most exclusive polo clubs in the UK. A place bustling with activity and stables accommodating more than 200 horses during the polo season, they claim to be the home of modern Polo. RCBPC has been at the forefront of fashionable society since founding member HRH The Prince of Wales officially opened the club in 1985, thanks to determined work by the late rock & roll impresario Bryan Morrison
and now his son, Jamie Morrison, the current CEO. -A lavish club, not only for local players, but top international polo players, Hollywood celebrities and royals.

Kingsland was fortunate to get an invite to shoot our Dressage Winter 2018 here with some of our very best ambassadors. We gathered a group of award winning riders and groom, -Olympic Gold medalists, World record holder, medals from numerous European and national championships…

The list of their merits is long as a book. Competitors in the ring, friends in the club house. A gathering, with the opportunity to relax, chat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company outside the competition arena. A unique possibility to discuss and seek knowledge from the others experience. The surroundings are dominated by the huge, open, green fields. A classic British court yard, red brick stones and white, wooden fences made a perfect frame for this meeting. As the sun set and the soft light smiled in the faces of the riders, they finally had
time to sit down around the autumn inspired table. To cheer, eat, laugh some more and recap the day’s activities before they all travelled back to their horses with rejuvenated energy.

To see their wonderful day at the The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club take a look at the film we made on our Youtube channel.