Kingsland proudly presents The EARTH Collection!


-With passion for sustainable innovation, we are now ready to launch our great Earth Collection to the Equestrian World; A collection of products made of either recycled or organic materials.

As our worldwide business is aimed to animal loving people, -we believe in Do good, Look good and Feel good for all customers across all equestrian markets!

Kingsland Earth is created based on our care for animals, nature and the environment. All materials used in this line are carefully selected based on their sustainable properties without compromising the Kingsland quality. Finding the right yarn and fabrics, holding as close to a 100% recycled or organic properties, has been in focus.

Kingsland is one of the first in the world to insulate our outerwear jacket with recycled down. And when we know that it takes 11 recycled, plastic bottles to make the fabric for the same jacket, this underlines the true Kingsland commitment. The accompanying accessories on all Earth products, like insulation, the thread, zippers, labeling and the packaging, are recycled as well.

The Kingsland Earth collection will contain products for both winter and summer. It will also be available on our online web shops throughout the different continents. Every product is designed at our office in Sarpsborg, Norway.

“-As a company we will commit ourselves to reduce footprints in our production, and hence take our share of the responsibility. Kingsland Earth collection is maybe just a small step, but an important step for us moving the whole business forward regarding sustainability and obligations, for both earth and all living creatures”, says Marianne Kjærnli Fossum, Kingsland CEO.

We are very proud to be a small Norwegian company with big dreams and targets! Please help us get the word out! The collection will arrive in stores in end of September. The Earth Collection is nominated for the Spoga Horse Award – Sustainability in 2018.

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