Kingsland Master Collection

To show you our incredible Master collection jacket, we have produced this awasome movie. These incredible jackets are, in our opinion, the most delicate, well manufactured, stylish, technical and yet easy to maintain, show jackets. And they will meet each riders different wishes when it comes to fitting, durability and looks.

Reviews from the riders: Linnea Ericsson Carey

 Kingsland Master show jacket: Linnea Ericsson-Carey in Sila

The Master Collections Jackets are in full use with our riders, and we try to push them for their comments and feedback. Thus making it easier to continue to deliver the equipment you as a rider need and appreciate.

This is of course one of the pro´s in having such talented riders as we do. They know what they want and they know what works. This gives us even more confidence in delivering gear for both you and your horse, that is tested and with the right quality.

One of our riders, Linnea Ericsson Carey, has been seen all over Europe this spring and summer, donning a few of the new Master Collection show jackets.

“I wore the Sila Jacket to Drammen, and I absolutely love it. I am really into bright colours, so that is definitely one of the reasons this one is my favourite. The colour I am wearing in the picture is called Surf The Web. The black details sort of “calm it down”, but still making it a statement jacket.

The fitting is great. It sits snugly on my body without being to tight, therefore making it comfortable to wear during riding. There is this Mesh lining that makes it very breathable. And this I feel is very important, because on hot summer days we tend to get sweaty, if you know what I mean!

And finally, a thing of great value to me is the fact that it is so easy to keep clean. I just throw it in the washing machine on 30° C, hang it to dry, and it stays just as straight as before. No wrinkles!”

Kingsland Master Jackets

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