Our focus and slogans on the new breeches program, a World of Breeches, includes aiming for the top and stretching our limits. So when we found this snow white gelding with a missing eye, and seeing how he as a horse was doing exactly that, all the pieces fell into place.

Our wonder horse is quite the magical creature, all white and mysterious like a ghost, but as a companion to Stine (his human), a kind and trusting individual. As put in her own words: -“He is smart, strong and extremely polite. I understand perfectly well why the Lippizaner horse has become known as a great war horse”.

About The Breed

The Lippizaner breed is mostly known from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Characteristically, a horse that matures slowly, but then again are long lived, sturdy, noble and proud. Eager to learn and work, and will do great in many equestrian disciplines although first and foremost in dressage. They are mostly grey/white and all are usually born bay/black.

Conversano Carrera, The Star Of The Show

“His name is Conversano Carrera and he was born in 1994 in Spain. I don´t know at what exact time he arrived in Norway, but he came to me in September 2012. He was supposed to stay with me for a year, but Sano (his nick name) became so special to me that I couldn´t let him go. Today he is an important member of our family.

Even though Sano was trained for dancing in the “Haute Ecole”, he has been used as a showjumper, and he just enjoys it oh so much! Today, as a senior of almost 24 years of age he is mostly used for hacking and dressage, a good in-between to keep from straining his joints too much because I am hoping for many more years with Sano.

With that said, it`s hard to believe he is actually ageing, he still acts like a youngster!

A Tough Decision

In the spring of 2014 Sano had to go through two operations. The last one resulted in having to remove his left eye. He got a small infection that seemed to heal well, but suddenly broke out into a serious infection.

It was a tough situation for us because we love him so much, but it came down to sending him to the green pastures or removing the eye. It was so hard deciding what to do, as we didn´t know how he would react when waking up and only being able to see with one eye. But Sano is a true fighter, and this has never hindered him from going on whith his life, just as normal.

And in July, only a few months later, he was back on the showgrounds like “-Hah, nothing can stop me!!”

The Moral Of The Story…

We loved making the new Breeches film, and it definitely took the whole feel and idea of the “World of Breeches” program to a higher level. We should all take notes from the moral of this story. We are truly inspired by Stine and Sano, and will keep this in mind while we continue to stretch our limits- and of course that imperfections are what makes the world so beautiful!

Do you have a spacial story you would like to share with us? Please send it to mk@kingsland.no and maybe we will publish it here in our blog. We would love to hear from you!

If you want to learn more about the Lippizaner breed, check out this page HERE!


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