Since Kingsland Equestrian saw the light as a starring brand in the Equestrian world, our patches have been the one constant that symbolizes our name and design. They change each season, and have become a signature feature. Always evolving to match the new looks.

We did an interview with our very own founder, Lin Kingsrød some time ago about the patches (you can read it HERE). She started creating them as her individual sign of the Kingsland brand from the very first day. Today they have grown to become a collection of hundreds.

What you may not know is, that besides being hand drawn, they are also hand made. This is why you can always be sure that in buying a Kingsland product, there is nothing left to coincidences. The Kingsland patches are a stamp of quality and design.

See the detailed video below, and get a closer look into how our patches are made!