What a weekend it has been for us at Kingsland Oslo Horse Show 2017.

The buzzing of people chatting, hooves cantering in the warm up, bells ringing for starting classes, laughter and applause… These are enjoyable sounds that will be remebered and valued until next year.

It was estimated that between 15.000 and 18.000 people would drop by the arena throughout the weekend, and without knowing the exact numbers, it would seem that this was correct. The shopping areas were packed with happy horse people, who actually enjoy shopping- as long as it’s related to their horse of course!

Its like we all have the same reasoning; “Ill do with my old winter coat, as long as my horse is the best equipped”.

The Kingsland Team had brought their camera and encountered quite a lot of Kingsland fans in both newer collections as well as some good, old classics. We had a little chat with some of them, and they told us about their favourite Kingsland pieces, reminisced about their first Kingsland clothing and shared some good stories.

As a brand that’s always trying to make products that will last a “lifetime” as well as keeping up with the times, we must say we are proud to hear so many of you boast about the products that you own and love. This makes our Kingsland hearts burst with gratitude!

Violetta, 25 years

I remember my very first Kingsland jacket. It was a furry thing, in bright blue. I remember I was at Oslo Horse Show in Oslo Spektrum (were it was held until 2008) and I saw Tony Andre Hansen wearing this jacket. And I just HAD to have it. I remember it cost around 13 euros, but it was worth it! He was, and still is, one of my favourite riders! Today I am wearing a fleece (edit; from Winter Update 2016 ) and I love it!

Alexandra, 34 years

My first Kingsland style was a classic bomber jacket. I hade it all throughout the happy nineties, and stayed in great shape all those years. I have to admit that I cried a little bit on the inside when I finally realised it was time to upgrade to the new Classic style!

I absolutely adore this down jacket. I got it from the summer collection. It has kept me warm this summer. As we all know, summers here in Norway aren’t exactly like in the southern parts of Europe. Most days we actually need a jacket or something warm!

Maria, 12 years and Rasmus, 11 years

Maria: I have had this vest for about a year I think, I love Kingsland! I have a pony and his name is My Lord Marco!

Rasmus: I love Kingsland as well! My mother just bought this Classic vest for me, and we are going to have it embroidered. I own two ponies and my pony Ronja and I, won the Norwegian Championships this summer!

Both children tell us that they know almost everyone at the show, both young and “old” and that they have been here the whole weekend, loving every single minute!

Andrea, 15 years

I have been here the entire weekend as a groom. It’s been very fun because we were clear and placed three out of four classes! I love my vest and of course the tights, I use them all the time but I´m thinking it’s about time for a little update soon!

I don’t remember the first Kingsland style that I bought, because it’s been so many years, and I have owned so many pieces. It’s hard to pick a favourite!

Michelle 11 years and Mia 13 years

We have been here all day and we love it. “We love Kingsland”, they both proclaim! Michelle tells us that she almost lives in her tights and that they are super comfortable. Mia is very happy about her newest sweater and says she thinks its super cool, both for riding and for casual wear. They both have their own ponies and hope to ride at KOHS next year!