Kingsland signs with Lee and Baylee McKeever!

Kingsland Head Office- Sarpsborg, Norway, 6th of October 2017
Kingsland Equestrian, designer and manufacturer of Kingsland Equestrian apparel and horse gear, is proud to announce their new partnership with renowned, US super groom and trainer Lee McKeever and daughter Baylee. Lee, originally Irish, has a long record as groom and stable manager. Lee is known for exceptional horsemanship and groom to McLain Ward, US show jumper. Lee has been a keystone player within the US show jumping industry for years. The FEI has him short-listed for the FEI Award for Best Groom in 2017.

“I have always been a big fan of the casual, yet classic look of the Kingsland range. Being active all day at the stables, as well as traveling the world to shows, I have a need for cloths that are well fitted, high quality, durable and comfortable to be able to execute my job,” says super groom Lee. “Kingsland is a brand that I’m proud to now officially represent!”

This new partnership also includes Lee’s talented, up and coming daughter, Baylee McKeever, aged 12. Baylee is training at the prestigious Heritage Farm with her ponies as well as with her father and is determined to make a career out of her passion for horses.

“Kingsland is a brand that aims for the best in quality, appearance and profile,” says Kingsland’s founder Lin E. Kingsrød. “Having Lee and Baylee dressed in our brand is not only a perfect reflection of this, but is a real point of pride for the brand.  We are very proud to have the McKeevers as a part of the Kingsland US team, and we look forward to work with them as Kingsland ambassadors in the years to come!” Lee is the second groom to go into partnership with Kingsland. The first was Alan Davies, groom to Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin.

With both parties looking forward to a successful long-term partnership, we welcome both Lee and Baylee McKeever to the Kingsland team!

For further information, please contact:
Amy Balmain/ Kingsland Equestrian US & EquiFit
Sales & Marketing Coordinator, North America

or Annhild M. Furfjord  Kingsland AS/ Head Office
Marketing Coordinator