Pull on, pull up and get in line!

31. Aug. 2017. // Kingsland Team

Always evolving…

When we first launched the riding tights in 2016, we were the first equestrian brand to produce riding tights that combined at great fitting with durable and stretchy material.  Since then, riders have used them for physical training and running, as well as riding.

The riding tights combined the need for breeches that could also combine with the physical workout riders actually perform each day in the saddle.


Release of the new Pull On Breeches!

This time we are extremely happy to have made a brand new, ultra modern pair of breeches. The Pull-On Breeches have, in our opinion, the perfect fit for any rider! It has full freedom of movement with no zippers or buttons, of course not compromising with the technical powerful 4-way stretch, water-, dust- & grease repellent fabric.


From idea to end result

In July an idea came to life. We wanted to portray the powerful and stretchy material in the new model breeches, -and who could possibly do that better than a dancer?

A professional dancer has to flex and extend in every movement, almost to the extreme. As riders we need breeches to fit us as individuals, moving with our bodies at the same time giving us all the necessary technical and durable features.

Since that day in July, we have worked effectively until the release yesterday. We have to admit, we all felt very proud and somewhat emotional to see the final result!

Behind the scenes

Here are some of the pictures we took behind the scenes! As always, we had so much fun shooting!

Thank you to our dancer, Julie Dokken, who demonstrated the emotions and movement to the fullest and how important great fitting breeches actually are!


Take a look at the end result!