A few months ago, Norwegian Kingsland rider Camilla Storemark embarked on a new adventure setting off from home to work for Irish rider and Olympic medallist Cian O’Connor. During February and March, Camilla is spending her days at the Sunshine Tour in Vejer de la Frontera, Spain together with O’Connor’s rider Ross Mullholland and a total of eight horses.

While doing our photo shoot of the 2017 Summer Collection, Kingsland sat down with Camilla to hear more about life at the Sunshine Tour:

Camilla Storemark

“Out of the eight horses we have with us, I compete two and Ross six. Three of them are young horses, which means they compete from Tuesday to Thursday and the other three during the weekend. I jump both my horses during the weekend, and so far they have been jumping great. We start every day at 7 AM and finish around 7 PM. In the morning we feed, muck the boxes, walk the horses and then start riding so that they all get out both before and after lunch.

Camilla Storemark at the Sunshine tour

It’s so many rings here, which means there are several opportunities for what you can do with the horses while you are here. You can basically jump whenever you want to and wherever you want to, and in a different ring every day. The Sunshine Tour is a great place to develop the horses, and to get them started for the season ahead. You can start low, and then gradually build up towards what you need each horse ready for later on in the season.

I also find that with all the riders here, you can watch and learn a lot – just by all the flatwork that goes on in all the rings every day.

The weather here is nice and warm, but with some proper showers in between – so my favourite Kingsland-item here has been my new yellow rain-coat that keeps me dry when it rains. Apart from that I of course wear my Kingsland breeches every day, as well as the Kingsland t-shirts that are great for warm days with a lot of stable work.”