Hi everyone!

This is my first blog post, so I´ll tell you a little bit about me and where my whole life as an equestrian started.

I come from an equestrian family, as both my parents have been riding and working with horses more or less their whole life. I was introduced to horses at a very early age, practically raised in the stable, and probably rode before I could walk. From then on, my interest in horses has grown, both with love for them as animals, but also wanting to be the best rider I could. Competing is a very big part of what I love about horses and riding, and I am a quite competitive person.

It has always been my own wish to ride; I was never told to do so or forced onto a horse. My family and I have always been “Team Storemark”, and this has been a fantastic place for me to evolve into the rider I am today.

Merits and horses

My father, Ulf Storemark, has been my trainer my whole life, and it all started with ponies. I was ”thrown” on top of almost every pony that was available as my parents had an equestrian centre in Lier, outside of Oslo, Norway. There we had a riding school and also a lot of private riders with their horses. It was nice to have my father as a trainer, but I was always treated as any other student when we were training.

As a pony rider I ended on fifth place in the Nordic Championships, it was a wonderful pony that unfortunately had to be put down after he was kicked in the field. Then later I got an amazing pony named Nibor, a five year-old that was sold only a year after I got him. I rode him in the Norwegian Championship when he was six, and last year, nine years later, Nibor went on winning the Belgian Championship. This is a kind of thing that brings me great pleasure, knowing I contributed to making such a great pony, and also that others have had such great pleasure riding and competing a pony like him.

The switch from ponies to horses felt very natural to me, especially since I got too tall to continue with ponies. When you’re the daughter of a trainer and horsedealer, horses come and go a lot. So I’ve ridden many different horses through the years. There is one horse that has meant a lot to me, a mare called Tiffany. I got her when she was six, and three years later I rode my first 5* GP with her. I learned so much while riding Tiff, and developed a lot as a rider.

Today I have four fantastic horses, Cerona and Casper who are my best horses, and then I have Pimlico and Leonie, two youngsters with great potential.

Words to live by

I was asked to give some words of inspiration or advice for other young and aspiring riders. And what I can say is this: If you want to become a good rider, ALWAYS say yes to ride different horses. The more hours you spend in the saddle, the more you learn and the more confident you will become.

Even though I want to work full time with horses, I’ve finished a university degree. Education is good for you, one way or the other. And using the brain a bit never hurt nobody 😉 I’ve spent the last four years getting a Bachelor degree in marketing while riding my horses. It’s a lot of hard work, and I have put in many of hours, but in the end it will be worth it!

About my cooperation with Kingsland

I have been a Kingsland Rider for about four years now and could not be happier with riding in this apparel and being an ambassador for Kingsland. The fitting is absolutely great, especially the breeches. They are very technical and I like the different styles and the way they mix and match with the rest of the collections. The show jackets are also favourites. The fact that they are softshell makes them so easy to keep clean. I can just throw them in the washing machine and they look just as good after!

This winter, I am in love with the whole Update Collection, I love the patches and the use of the “woollen” details. And there are so many things that I will use for Christmas presents, like the dog bed and rug and also the candles and the scarf!

Follow me if you like on Instagram @camillastoremark and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

-Love from Camilla