It doesn’t matter if you are royalty or not in the equestrian world. When you mount a horse, it doesn’t care who you are, and your competitors won´t either!

That statement became very obvious in the ”Biggest Comeback”, at this years Kingsland Oslo Horse Show. The Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise was making a return to the show jumping arena together with Morten Aasen, Marit Hegre Stranden and Ove Hansen.

The other team consisted of Maikel Van Der Fleuten, Cian O´Connor, Laura Renwick and Martin Fuchs. The very surprising twist was that their mounts were no other than Norways own national breed, The Norwegian Fjord Horse. Not exactly a horse that can be compared to what these international superstars are used to ride!

As Maikel speeded towards the fastest round of them all, the speaker humorously encouraged to him to let the Princess win by slowing down. But to no use! A competition is a competition, no matter whom you compete against!

The comeback class turned out to be a thriller and such a wonderful and entertaining show, as the Fjord Horse surprised every one of the riders by jumping with eager, stamina and speed. This left them at the top of the poll with Maikel Van Der Fleuten at number one. The Princess Märtha Louise in second.

We were lucky enough to get a shot of both the Princess and Morten Aasen, two proud competitors. They were both very pleased with their efforts and felt they have been missing the old days when they were actively riding and competing.

And with that, it’s a wrap for Kingsland Oslo Horse Shows 25th anniversary and we are already looking forward to next year!