After our blogpost last friday, we have recieved a few emails from you, and the first one we got brought tears to our eyes. After all, there are so many stories about friendships and strong bonds between horses and humans. Thank you so much to Karoline from Denmark, for sharing her story with us!

If you have a story to tell, or something inspirational, please send to and we will publish some of them here on the blog.

“Demi af Hedensminde is a 5-year-old danish warmblood gelding that I had the pleasure to meet last year and eventually buy. I had just lost my 8-year-old mare due to negative bone development in her front legs and since this had taken a toll on me, I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted break from riding to distance myself a little from this awful experience. This was when I stumbled towards this little ugly duckling which had just been broken in. He was so kind and careful, the complete opposite from my former mare, that I decide to borrow him for 2 weeks to see If we could be a match. After only 2 weeks he already had my heart and I was certain that I needed this horse in my life!

However, it didn’t take long before he “dropped” me and I was sent to the hospital, leaving me with some pretty bad wounds and an anxiety about getting back on top of him. When I finally got back on track he unfortunately spooked and dropped me again making the anxiety even worse, to a point where I would even get anxiety attacks when riding.

However, with a lot of groundwork, patience and determination from both my side, my trainer, my family and of course Demi, the trust slowly started coming back. And even though I still had days where the anxiety of riding would be horrifying I continued to fight for this horse, while I knew I needed his kind spirit in my life. For my love for him was greater than the fear of falling off.

After only a year things are better than ever and my anxiety has almost lost its grip on me. I’m no longer dreading going riding or fearing what might be around the next corner, while this horse has given me so much trust and confidence in not only him, but also myself.
And to all of those sitting out there wondering whether or not you should just give up, my answer to this is simple: Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from doing what you love and being with whom you love. And I swear, in the end your love for your horse will conquer!”