We at Kingsland love all kinds of horses. We recognize that the happiness we find in horses mean so much more than simply the ride or the training or competing. It’s everything from the smell in the barn, the calmness of listening to hooves clicking on the ground and the softness of a good old muzzle kiss.

It really does not matter whether you are a show jumper on a high level or if you simply enjoy a hack in the woods with your best friend. It’s the friendships and the bonds we make that mean so much.

Also, no matter what type of horse you ride, you still get the ultimate feeling of freedom from stress and worries when you sit down in the saddle.

This is why we would like for you to send us a picture of your horse and/or yourself, and we would like to publish some of them here on our blog eventually. Maybe you also could write a few lines about what makes your horse so special, or even if you have a story to tell, we would love to hear from you.

We would also like to give one of you a little gift, for you and your horse, as a thank you for sharing. We will pick a winner along with posting your pictures and stories.

Looking forward to hearing from you, please send your pictures and stories to mk@kingsland.no

Have a great weekend!