There has been a lot of talk about the grooms of the big riders lately and one groom that is close to our hearts here at Kingsland is Alan Davies. He is the groom for Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester and their string of horses includes the one and only Valegro. Alan has grown to almost iconic status, as a posterboy of how important the grooms are for the riders and their success.

The grooms spend almost every hour of the day with the horses, and create very special bonds with them. They take care of the horses and their wellbeing and health, they transport them safely all around the world, take care of their diet, prepare them for training and competition and always make sure the horses look their best.

Alan Davies is a warm and humble man, and it was a sure thing for us to sponsor him, as we feel the grooms are not to be overlooked, and should also be dressed in the best gear. Just as the riders, they too need to be equipped properly so they can do their very important jobs. Alan is a wonderful ambassador for both Kingsland and the job as a groom, and we are so very proud to have him on our team.

In a very inspiring and touching video, Alan sat down with Piaffe Presents and talked about everything from their trip to the Olympic Games and how he made the horses comfortable on the journey, how he plans his time before tests and what it was like to see Charlotte and his dear Blueberry ride into the arena before winning the gold medal in Rio!