Kingsland has been proud sponsor of JBK Odense Horse Shows in Denmark for the last years. Some of our Kingsland riders were of course present on the start lists and we met with the Ashford Farm team, with Stefanie van den Brink, Dominic Webb & Enda Carrol, Victoria & Johan Gulliksen, Ottilia Lundgren and Linnea Ericsson during the Odense CSIO 2016.

Danish show jumper Linnea Ericsson-Carey sent us the following report on how it is to be mum to 2-year old Max and still have the possibilities to ride at a high level.

Odense CSIO 2016

Our son Max came with Shane (my husband) and I to the show in Odense. We came a day early so we had time to celebrate his 2 years old birthday and go to the Odense Zoo, which is right next door to the show. We also had time to hang out with our good friends from Fyn, Gunilla and Peter.

There was a nice playground for kids in Odense with mini jumps.

By the time the show started my sister Regitze and her mother Hanne came to the show and when they left the same night they brought home Max where they took care of him together with my Dad, Christer, -the world’s best granddad.

Many things would not have been possible without the help and support from my Dad!

My Dad has not just supported me through the good times but also through a lot of bad times and he has taught me all I know and he is still teaching me every day. He is 70 years of age and is still riding up to 10 horses a day and teaching a number of students!

My Dad and Max have other interests than horses, bird watching.

Back to the CSIO Odense, Shane and I both had a very good show and my Quidams Flower made us particularly proud being 6th in the GP and jumping 4+0 in the Nations Cup.

We had a great show in Odense. Quidams Flower was clear in both Nations Cup and the Grand Prix.

-Linnea Ericsson