Have you ever wondered about Kingslands signature feature, the patch?

This is a thing many people mention when we ask about what they associate with Kingsland. The patches vary from season to season, -some are small with bling, -some are big and elegant.

So why not have a chat with Kingsland founder, Lin Kingsrød, and asked her: “What’s really up with those patches?”

“The first Kingsland clothing I made were show jackets and breeches. And due to FEI regulations, it was, and still is, not allowed to add to much branding on the show gear. They have to be at a minimum. -But of course, over time, we grew bigger and new styles were created. So the first patch was actually on the sweats and fleece jackets. I love drawing and didn’t really know then that I could make a patch, have it digitalised and the embroidered or pressed on to a fabric. Suddenly all these ideas came and I just drew and drew. They still sort of pop up when new seasons are planned, and I love them. There are quite a few hundred after all these years, and I remember where each of them belong. “

So now you know, the patches came as an idea and will probably never fade away. As it is now one of the features, we all associate with Kingsland.

Do you have any favourite breeches or other gear with a patch you adore? We would love to see your pictures and publish them here- so please send them to us if you like!