In these days our Summer Update Collection is hitting the stores, and we would like to share the story behind the collection.

We got hold of the designers and developers, and they told us a little bit about what the inspiration has been, -how they work from idea to a finished product and also a little bit about the different themes in the collection.

”We always start making a new collection with a moodboard, and focus on the season- if it is summer or winter. This year the summer collection came to us naturally, because the main part of this Summer Update, is inspired from the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro.

The colours are those of the different national flags, both the Norwegian and the Brazilian flag; red, green and blue are the main colours and are great to represent summer as well. The cool thing about this collection is the detachable patches that can be changed all depending on which country you are supporting. The patches can be bought seperately, and velcro makes it easy to mix and match. All in the spirit of the competition and glory of representing your country!

The other two themes in the collection are more fashionable. At least they have a bit more inspiration taken from the world of fashion. The golden logo gives a little bit more elegance and style. And the stripes add to the feel of warm and sandy beaches.”

In some parts of the world spring and summer is already blooming. We can’t wait to see all of our summer styles in the riding arenas, in the stables and on the horses!

Do you have a favorite piece?? Tell us why below!

The different patches can be found HERE

New styles will be added to the webshop, as well as being avaliable at your nearest Kingsland retailer.

Click on the link to get to the lookbook —> LOOKBOOK