For this summer collection, we made a ”new” type of glove. They may be funny looking, but once you try them- we are sure that after a while you will not be able to live without!

Here at the office we have joked a lot about their ”look”, and some call them the ”garden gloves”, because they sort of look like something you would put on to work in the gardens. And that may be true! But sometimes looks can be decieving, and this time its all about user friendliness, comfort and durability.

You can use these gloves in all the different situations of a day in the stables. Perfect for mucking out, carrying water, cleaning the tack and of course when riding.

The palms are rubber, so they are waterproof as well.  The rest of the glove is made of nylon and are both strechy and with a great fitting. And also, when it comes to the price -only 9,95 Euro! Definately a great alternative to the technical gloves.