7 Sustainable Steps you can take at home

7 Sustainable Steps you can take at home

The clothing industry is about to shift from fast fashion to slow fashion. What is Kingsland doing regarding this, and what can YOU do to contribute?We can clean the earth for plastic, and at the same time make quality and fashionable clothing that do not compromise...

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Let the horses out – Kingsland Summer 2020

Let the horses out – Kingsland Summer 2020

Young horses, -curious, playful and full of joy! Our prosperity for the future. We met some adorable offspring’s at the Augustsson-Zanotelli Stable in Bree, Belgium.   Our designer play with colours in the Kingsland Summer Collection 2020. Light, comfortable cotton...

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Kingsland Dressage Summer 2020 – where sport meets style

Kingsland Dressage Summer 2020 – where sport meets style

Turn heads with performance and style with this immaculate stylish apparel and horse gear from our Dressage oriented summer collection. Soft fabrics, elegant design and beautiful details are all synonyms for this line of light, durable and stylish products. Created to...

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Our Dressage Riders

Charlotte Dujardin

Laura Graves

Sönke Rothenberger

Semmieke Rothenberger

Sanneke Rotheberger

Andreas Helgstrand

Patrick van der Meer

Anna Kasprzak

Lotte Skjærbæk

Evelina Söderström


Our Show Jumping riders

Gregory Wathelet

Marlon Modolo Zanotelli

Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli

Leopold van Asten

Victoria Gulliksen

Geir Gulliksen

Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen

Maria L. Kingsrød

Julia Tops

Tina DeLandri Yates

Ronan McGuigan

Ottilia Lundgren

Linnea Ericsson-Carey

Stephanie Holmén

Dominic Webb

Stephanie van der Brink

Michael G. Duffy

Cameron Hanley

Max Kühner

Philippe Rozier

Pieter Clemens

Frederik Spetz

Ebba Kewenter

Alona Soloviova

Mike Boere

Baylee McKeever 

Our Grooms

Alan Davies

Lee McKeever


Our Teams

The Belgium Equestrian Federation

The Danish Equestrian Federation

Para Dressage Denmark

Ashford Farm

Carl Hanley Sportshorses

Max Kühner Sportshorses

Stall Gullik

Stall Grevlunda

Hest 360



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